HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Overview – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) places a large regulatory burden on organizations that deal with certain types of health-related information. Now, if you’re about to stop reading this and say to yourself “I don’t work for a health-related organization,” stick with me for at least one more paragraph. As HIPAA deals with the security and privacy of health information, it’s of direct importance to database administrators. There are a number of ways you may qualify as a “Covered Entity” that is required to comply with the terms of HIPAA. Some of these are obvious – health care providers come immediately to mind. However, some require a little more thought. If your organization qualifies as a “health plan,” you are considered a Covered Entity. What’s a health plan? It’s any organization that “provides medical care, including items and services paid for as medical care, to employees or their dependents directly or through insurance.” If you offer employees medical care through a self-insured plan, chances are that you’re covered under HIPAA. Other organizations may fall under the “health care clearinghouse” provision based upon their responsibilities for processing health care data.How FCM360’s Products and Services Complies with HIPPA Requirements –

Risk Analysis
  • On-going risk analysis to determine threats and vulnerabilities
Log Management
  • Collect and analyze OS and application log-files
  • Identify security events with regular review of system activity
File Integrity Management
  • Real-Time and continuous management of OS and application files
  • File integrity is insured through real-time monitoring
Network Firewall and VPN
  • First line of defense is insured at the perimeter to keep unauthorized traffic out
  • Facilitate authorised remote access to only administrator
  • System protected by anti-virus to detect and remove malware in real-time
  • Data operations as well as sensitive data is protected against malicious activity
Hardware Encrypted Storage
  • Hardware based encryption is provided at the disk level
  • Data theft is protected against for failed or removed disks


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