Cross Connects and Interconnections

 Guidelines for cross connects and interconnections

Cross Connects are available in any datacenter location. Selection depends on the length of cable required to complete the cross connect demarcation points.

Cable MediaCable TypeCable SpecsSpeedFrequencyMetersKilometersTermination TypeTrans- ceiverMedia Cost
FiberShort RangeMulti Mode Fiber (MMF)1Gbit850nm300mNASC/LCSFP$350
FiberLong RangeSingle Mode Fiber (SMF)1Gbit1310nm NA10kmSC/LCSFP$500
FiberShort RangeMulti Mode Fiber (MMF)10Gbit850nm300mNASC/LCSFP+$750
FiberLong RangeSingle Mode Fiber (SMF)10Gbit1310nmNA10kmSC/LCSFP+$1,000
Copper Twisted Pair UTPCat6(a)1Gbit250-500Mhz100mNARJ45RJ45NA
CopperTwisted Pair  UTPCat6(a)10Gbit250-500MhzA100mNARJ45RJ45NA

The table above is a reference for choosing cross connects and type of media for our counterparties. Please remember that pricing is only valid if provided on a Customer Service Order.



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