CTRM/ETRM Hosting and Managed Services Solutions

With the explosion of CTRM/ETRM systems and their increasing technology requirements comes the management of this vast technical infrastructure in support of these requirements. Is managing this technology your primary business?  If not, then FCM360 is your solution.

FCM360 offers the highest standards of hosting technology for your commodity trading requirements.  With increased complexities from business areas such as trading, deal capture/reporting valuation, optimization, data management/validation and reporting, regulatory oversight and soon-to-be geospatial visualization, the CTRM/ETRM landscape continues its upward climb in complexities.  With this ever-changing landscape, focusing and reacting to your marketplace should be your primary business, not supporting the infrastructure which allows you to do this business. With FCM360, once you have an established environment in one of our facilities, the scalability to meet your requirements is just a phone call away.  The strength of FCM360 business model is that of a pure technology hosting and colocation environments – FCM360 does not maintain exclusive relationships with commodity trading and risk technology providers. Technology has migrated as a business enabler which is now business as usual and ETRM/CTRM systems are no different. Whether your CTRM/ETRM choice is Openlink Endur, Calypso, Triplepoint or EKA, partnering with FCM360 for your technology hosting requirements will not only give you the simplicity, flexibility and market know-how you expect from a market leader, what we also give you is a simple, clean and scalable solution for current and future infrastructure requirements.

The FCM360 Advantage

  • Why a “Buy” from FCM360 is More Effective than Your In-House “Build” –  The Cost Analysis

    • There is a standard belief within financial services end-users that once the infrastructure for a technology requirement is installed and configured and the project is considered delivered, it is then “hands-off”. For those who have had project experience post go-live, the reality is that these servers need a full-time commitment. Similar to other asset classes such as FX and Equities, this full-time server maintenance commitment is quickly being transitioned to the experts who can manage any requirements from Initial Planning, the front-to-back project scope-creep Implementation processes, to post Go-Live maintenance.  The Financial Services industry has been fraught with companies who have chosen to build versus buy. If you have been in the financial services industry long enough you will have, for those who choose a build strategy, either been part of a team delegating the merits of outsourcing specific requirements, been an end-user who has lost clients due to your internal systems not keeping pace with vendor offerings which was part of your competitors business model, or have read about how outsourcing those parts of your business which is not a core service has become ever prudent.
    • As client requirements become increasingly robust thus defining new modular applications within the value chain which hit a variety of sweet spots from various vendors, choosing a best-of-breed system to meet a client’s requirements can be daunting. What makes that decision less daunting is the knowledge that the infrastructure hosting these applications are managed by professionals who are constantly “hands-on” and have a sound knowledge of where the trouble spots are and how to remedy situations in a timely manner.

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  • How Does FCM360 Increase Your Operational Efficiancies – E/CTRM Implementation Lifecycle and the Reduction of Operational Risk

    • Currently when industry experts discuss ways to lower implementation costs associated with a robust ETRM/CTRM system, removal of unnecessary cost centers such as IT and lower cost to entry are at the top of the list. This can often be achieved by outsourcing infrastructure to a Managed Services provider. However, an ETRM/CTRM software Implementation and its success can also represent a pivot-point for the full acceptance of an ETRM/CTRM system by a buy-side organization as well. If the Implementation is hampered by unknown costs or a problematic project schedule weighted down by uncertainties, ETRM/CTRM clients can make the decision to either change Implementation teams, or if some choose to decide upon another software package, both choices inevitably increasing, increasing budget requirements as well as a questioning of the steering committee’s overall understanding of requirements, as well as loss of internal political capital to name a few.
    • Upon entering an ETRM/CTRM implementation, the backbone of the project – infrastructure – is rarely thought of as an operational risk to the project. However if not properly addressed prior to the project start, infrastructure inexperience and uncertainties can inevitably become one of the most pressing issues and project slowdowns. In general, the operational risks from the server/infrastructure of an ETRM/CTRM implementation are sourced to a few issues; the scalability of servers to meet expanding client requirements, tech infrastructure project members who were initially assigned for strictly a specific ETRM/CTRM Implementation are reassigned to another project due to “met project requirements” of a successful infrastructure setup or now become “shared” project assets with other non-ETRM/CTRM projects, changing of project team members by either the client or the system integrator, or on rare occasions the on-boarding of another ETRM/CTRM system entirely.

Implmentation ETRM


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  • FCM360 Offers A Unique Understanding of Your Industry –

    • FCM360 offers unique industry savvy personnel to assist with your requirements and company growth.  FCM360 personnel meet your needs from a hand-on know-how since they have managed E/CTRM implementations, created trading and energy risk trading applications, traded energy derivatives, and most importantly have the indepth knowledge and experience to navigate your hosting and managed services requirements since the company has for many years established global presence successfully navigating financial and commodities clients with hosted infrastructure.  FCM360 has also been featured in Commodities Now (June 2014) explaining the value a hosted and managed services solution brings to an energy of commodities company.

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