DDoS Mitigation and High Bandwidth Hosting Auditing

FCM360 Blocks Over 10,000,000 Cyberattacks Daily. Our Expert Staff Monitors Global Attack Patterns Stopping Bad Actors Before They Harm Your Services.

Complimentary CyberSecurity & DDos Attack Audit

To help you defend against the current wave of DDoS attacks in our industry, FCM360 offers DDos Attack Mitigation & Managed Network Security aimed at hardening your perimeter against these increasingly sophisticated cyber assaults.

MT4 trading platform users are particularly hard hit.

Industry participants know that DDoS attacks continue to target MT4 broker systems and other financial networks. As a result of these attacks, many hosting companies and MT4 brokers had major, widespread outages resulting in extreme reputational risk.

These attacks are serious and relentless. In numerous cases forex brokers and software platform providers are being held hostage by cyber terrorists demanding ransoms.”

As part of our service, we are offering you a complimentary Cybersecurity & DDoS Attack Audit that will examine your security protocols and hardware at no cost or obligation to you. This service is free.

As a part of your DDoS audit we will:

Test your Internet bandwidth capabilities to withstand DDoS attacks.

Analyze your perimeter security with DDoS signature attack prevention techniques.

Test your services for over 20 different types of DDoS attack methods.

Scan your network for vulnerabilities and exploits on network devices and servers.

Clients, that take our recommended services, have the advantage of multiple site failover and alternate production environments between NY4,LD4 and TY3. FCM360 provides major fiber network access to multiple Tier-1 ISPs in each region. If a major attack occurs we can absorb the majority of the traffic up to 10gig or greater in most cases. FCM360 uses multiple layers of firewalls including Cisco for first line access and other UTM/DDOS technologies

FCM360 stores nearly 10,000,000 new cyber attacks per day in its high performance databases and uses the data to protect its global network. We know exactly where the attacks are coming from and how to block them.
FCM360 sees global attacks in real-tim
Current Cyber Attack Table used to monitor real-time attack metrics

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