Enterprise Database Hosting – DBaaS

Database-as-a-Service(DBaaS) – in your own Virtual Private Datacenter(VPD).

We are Elasticsearch and MongoDB experts.

Deploy DBaaS on FCM360 Openstack. Fully managed, highly-available, & production ready. Every DBaaS deployment comes with your very own Virtual Private Datacenter (VPC) and control panel login to control your servers and apps the way you need without any limitations.

With managed DBaaS from FCM360, your organizations can focus on building scalable applications instead of managing your database. Fully managed DBaaS such as Mongodb and Elasticsearch to name a few. Choose from single instances all the way up to hundreds of scale-out nodes for bleeding-edge performance in different availability zones.


Why FCM360 DBaaS?

FCM360 Runs The Databases In Our Datacenters

We can help you whether you need a single instance or hundreds of nodes. You can pick from a one-click deployment or we can custom-configure your database cluster with the appropriate front-end routers, config servers and sharding instances. Let us know what you need.

Enterprise Grade At a Fraction of The Cost

Our DBaaS is a fraction of the cost of Amazon AWS, IBM Softlayer and other SaaS providers.

Database Management

FCM360 engineers can help you manage your MongoDB instances and customize your cluster. We can help with performance tuning, metrics, scaling and managing growth for your future business needs. Simply contact us and we can talk to you about your requirements.

Custom Configurations

If you are having problems with performance and scalability we can review your current setups and configurations and make suggestions improvements to get you running smoothly and meet your data ingestion and storage needs.

Pick Your Data Center

FCM360 allows you to run your databases in the U.S., Europe and Asia in our own datacenters located in Equinix NY4, Equinix LD4 and Equinix TY3. We can supervise or even get your servers provisioned and running if you would rather not worry about the small details.

Easy Scaling

By default every deployment begins with a highly available 2 or 3 node configuration but you can add additional nodes anytime with a simple click. Each database deployment on that cluster then starts life as a highly available multi-node deployment with the ability to scale vertically or horizontally (subject to database capabilities) to take full advantage of the performance and scaling capabilities of your database.

Scales to Hundreds of Nodes

Scale as large as you need horizontally by adding node instances. As disk usage and performance needs grow, your service can scale with resources to maintain the correct proportional ratio between storage and memory so your database is always at its best performance. Users can manually control scaling via the FCM360 Openstack console as needed or have an FCM360 engineer increase the cluster size.

Server Security

Every server is protected behind its own firewall and encryption keys used to access the SSH server. You will have access to configure the firewalls and whitelist any IPs that you need to allow only trusted networks into your Virtual Private Datacenter (VPC).


Every MongodDB deployment on FCM360 Openstack is built on a highly fault tolerent cluster using custom-built, clustered storage nodes allow highly-available clustered-configurations. If you are using multiple data nodes for redundancy, we place the sharding nodes on different availability zones to prevent system failure in the event of a node outage. We can combine multiple Mongos servers on different availability zones for the front end, the configuration is able to transparently switch to the current primary and failover nodes with the ability to add even more Mongos servers for more front-end protection. Combine this with the capability to have multiple Mongo config servers and hundreds of data nodes for a massive, scale-out database that can meet the needs of even the largest project.

We Are Here to Help.