April 12


eForex Webinar 2012 – FCM360s Pejman Discusses Forex in the Cloud


FCM360s Managing Director Jubin Pejman along with Robin Manicom, Director Financial Services Equinix, and Javier Paz Senior Analyst at Aite Group, discuss the topic of how the Cloud has transformed FX trading.

This Webinar seeks to help institutional sell-side and buy-side FX trading firms better understand cloud computing technologies that increasingly optimize high volume, latency sensitive trading operations. It looks at how cloud enterprise technology, infrastructure location, low latency, and multiple connective options can help firms reduce costs, capture new business opportunities, improve trading performance, and meet the challenges of regulatory reform in FX.

To see full Webinar Transcript please click here – FX_in_the_Cloud_Webinar-_2012_


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