August 20


FCM360 Expands in Johannesburg with South Africa Based SI Futures

NEW YORK, Aug. 20 2013 /PRNewswire/ — FCM360 and SI Futures, a leader in South Africa’s financial technology marketplace, have aligned to provide high-speed, low-latency trading connectivity to Africa’s fastest growing financial services market,Johannesburg, SA.

shutterstock_108857858-150x150With major projects now underway for banks and insurance companies based in South Africa and the United Kingdom, SI Futures will rely on FCM360 to access global financial markets with turnkey solutions for hosting and colocation services.

According to Geordie Hogarth, SI Futures founder, “By incorporating the FCM360 platform into our services capability, we have markedly enhanced our clients’ business effectiveness with rapid turn-around and support over low latency networks and are looking forward to capitalizing on other new opportunities available through FCM360.”

In announcing the partnership, Jubin Pejman, Managing Director of FCM360 (, said,  “We are meeting SI Futures low latency financial cloud needs with a solution that reduces the cost for high frequency and algorithmic trading companies as well as managing Reuters and Bloomberg feeds for trading floors in London viagra est une pilule.”

SI Futures clients also benefit from FCM360’s recent expansion in London’s LD4 datacenter  which has proven to be the fastest routes between London and New York hosting hubs for high frequency trading while providing the same protection level and secure redundancy governments mandate for international banks and Fortune 500 Companies.

An example of SI Futures expansion offering includes South Africa’s Nedbank, Ltd, (, which has added connectivity from offices in Johannesburg to London and New York. Nedbank traders now have a low latency, highly resilient infrastructure between South Africa and London and a disaster recovery site in New York. SI Futures also provides connectivity to financial services companies such as Old Mutual PLC and Vandyle Investments cc as well.

FCM360 is the leading global provider of managed datacenter solutions for Low-Latency Trading, Automated Trading, Algorithmic Trading, High-Frequency Trading and Exchange Access.

SI Futures global network is built on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology that enables it to create complex networks linking businesses to external voice, video, intranet and extranet suppliers. The MPLS network provides a fast, reliable way to move information between locations and is ideal for companies that want to ensure the performance of business-critical applications.


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