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FCM360 Forex Summit Newsletter – September 2014

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September, 2014

Feature Article

Micro POPs Cut Foreign Exchange (FX) Managed Services and Hosting Costs

When the equities and derivatives industries pioneered colocation with the intent of eliminating latency from order execution by locating their servers near, or within, the buildings of the world’s exchanges, they sparked a move toward colocation in Foreign Exchange (FX) markets.
However, among the FX markets, colocation is not as straight forward. There are a multitude of liquidity pools and execution venues to choose from and, as a result, a growing breed of new technology solutions are being introduced to offer managed application hosting, exchange connectivity and proximity hosting to the FX markets.
To meet the FX trader’s needs now and well into the remainder of the decade, FCM360 specializes in turnkey data center solutions for FX Brokers, liquidity providers, traders and exchanges. These solutions include low latency technologies, colocation and connectivity, and proximity hosting for high frequency trading, automated trading, algorithmic trading and exchange connectivity.FCM360 is able to provide such turnkey solutions by building its infrastructure in the same buildings as major liquidity pools, exchanges, crossing engines and news aggregators where in the later portion of 2013 we deployed some of the most robust servers available and related software and information services in New York, London and other locations such as the two major Asian FX hubs: Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Among those marketplaces are Currenex, Knight Hotspot FX, Integral, FXall and Lava FX, ICAP EBS, major bank liquidity providers as well as Thomson Reuters Machine Readable News service News Feed Direct and Need to Know News.
FCM360’s client base, which has sharpened the demand for colocation and managed services, includes  FX Brokers, trading houses, liquidity providers and FX aggregators, and bridge providers. Notably demand for colocation and managed services is shifting away from banks and large hedge funds. This is due, in part, to the ever-changing regulatory environment, but more importantly, to traders who have been setting up shop in order to take advantage of the lower barriers to the spot FX market. Aggregators and brokers are also growing in numbers as they try to gain desktop market share with added-value services.
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Bart Chilten Pushes Back on Demonizing High Frequency Trading  The accusation by the New York attorney general last month that a British bank misled some of its customers about the likelihood their orders would interact with high-frequency traders gives a glimpse into a big secret: speedy electronic trading is deeply entrenched in modern financial markets and investors’ orders aren’t being filled without them. In today’s world of global stock trading, high-frequency trading results in highly frequent liquidity.

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The Money Spinners Await Their Fate  images-1The summertime torpor disguises existential angst. Regulators across the world are probing the role of banks in currency trading, apparently convinced it is the latest financial market to have been fiddled. Around 30 bank staff, including many trading-floor bosses, have been suspended or fired. Hefty fines seem inevitable. Worse, reforms may tear the heart out of the FX market as it is presently constituted. Banks, which make money by offering to buy or sell currencies from or to their clients, could go from being central actors to bit players. The future of a business which used to reap annual revenues of $20 billion is at stake. To read the complete article click here.

Asia Pacific Markets

FXCM expands in Asia, buying IBFX’s MT4 Retail Forex accounts in the US and Australia 

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After buying both FXDD’s and Alpari’s US operations, leading ​retail forex broker FXCM (NYSE:FXCM) has now closed on a deal to buy IBFX’s US and Australia clients. IBFX is a subsidiary of Japan’s Monex Group. FXCM will be acquiring approximately $63 million in client equity and 13,000 accounts. The deal seems to be centered on Asia, where most of the acquired accounts are from. Find out more.
Forex.com Japan Acquires FX Clients of Planex TradeForex.com Japan, the brand of GAIN Capital, announced on Tuesday the acquisition of the customers of the online FX trading business of Planex Trade. In an official statement, published on Forex.com’s Japanese website, the broker promises smooth transition to its new clients and welcomes them under the famous brand. For more
Thomson Reuters Launches Direct Feed to Attract Algorithmic Trading Firms

The new Elektron Direct Feed, based on Celoxica FPGA hardware acceleration technology, will deliver a standardised, full tick, full depth solution initially only for US cash equities but its cover will expand…

FX Events and Webinars

Get Into The Chinese FX Market

FXIC SHANGHAI is a premier event for introducing global brokers, solution providers, money managers to the Chinese FX and binary option market. In-depth information on the local market as well as networking opportunities. Co-hosted by FXShell, the leading FX B2B portal in China, and Shift Forex, a New York-based FX consulting firm. Details and Registration. Forex in Focus: Live Market Analysis with Q&A by OANDA Next OANDA Webinar on this topic will be held Wednesday September 17 EDT. Click for alternate times, details and registration 

Greece pegs currency to baklava fcm360 newsletter 2

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