November 2


Futures Execution & Weather Trading

FCM360, the Financial Systems Infrastructure Hosting Company, Adds Futures Order Execution and Weather Trading Applications for Commodities Traders

“FCM360’s infrastructure services, together with trading access and weather-related buy-sell triggers puts smaller traders on equal footing with big firms,” Jubin Pejman, FCM360, Managing Director

CHICAGO, Nov. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — FCM360, the financial systems infrastructure hosting and market connectivity company, has just added weather trading applications for commodities traders through Weather Insight as well as access to 24/7 futures and options trading, it was announced today at the Futures Industry Association Expo Chicago.

FCM360’s addition of Weather Insight’s (http://www acheter generic Weather Dashboard, Power Trader Dashboard, Gas Trader Dashboard and Agricultural Dashboard for traders and commercial hedgers provides access to low-latency data feeds supplying key government weather forecasts and other fundamental drivers in real-time. The Dashboard also provides an open framework to create individualized trading strategies or simply use the Trading Signals already embedded in the Dashboard.

“FCM360’s infrastructure services, that include voice and order execution capability along with weather-related buy-sell triggers puts smaller traders on equal footing with big firms,” says Jubin Pejman, FCM360, founder and managing director.

In making the announcement, FCM360’s Pejman explained,  “With traditional voice trading migrating to hybrid trading, FCM360 ( is meeting a growing need for small and medium-size trading houses to outsource the operation of their trading system infrastructure so that they can focus on their core business – client relationships, trade execution services and generating revenue.”

(Jubin Pejman, a delegate at the FIA EXPO, is available in Chicago for interviews Nov 2-3. telephone: +1 917 650 5725 or email

In addition to its datacenter and IT services, the New York-based FCM360, provides low-latency connectivity to over 50 exchanges including CME, NYMEX, ICE OTC, ICE Futures, NYSE, NASDAQ US/EU and the ability to run analytics and charting against European OTC commodities trade data.

Pejman added, “Although exchanges provide access to trading and market data they leave traders to build and manage their own increasingly complex technology solutions. We eliminate that burden with our managed application hosting, exchange connectivity, proximity hosting and IT services – and now 24 hour-a-day order execution and commodities analytic tools.”

According to Pejman, the former Vice President of The Americas with Trayport, the UK firm that developed the dominant carbon and energy-trading platform in the EU, “Our world-class datacenter environment and IT management services include life-cycle solutions such as creating technology specifications, procuring hardware and software, installation and configuration of applications, network security and managed support for all applications.”

About FCM360 FCM360 ( specializes in turnkey datacenter and IT solutions for the trading and exchange community. This includes managed hosting, proximity hosting, exchange connectivity, dedicated lines and turnkey managed VOIP telecom products. FCM360’s Easy Trader Pro and Easy Trader Light turnkey server products provide low-cost solutions to proximity hosting reaching most major international exchanges. The company recently added energy and commodities trading dashboards and weather data for traders and commercial hedgers. Also included is 24-hour access to a voice-assisted hybrid broking desk for all major US futures and hi-touch floor broker execution. Clients also receive real-time NYMEX / COMEX / CME market data and the ability to run analytics and charting against European OTC trade data.


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