July 11


FX Traders See Sunshine Through the Cloud – July 2014 eForex

jubin eforex

Most observers see the Cloud as contributing to greater access to markets and liquidity. In an article by Dan Barnes titled, FX traders see sunshine through the Cloud, Jubin Pejman, managing director of FCM360 explains that while security worries are fading, “No public cloud is secure. “Rackspace, Softlayer and IBM – have huge market share, but don’t have what you need in financial services…. Our Cloud is private, no one else has access, and we don’t commingle data….”

As noted by Pejman, “We (FCM360 (www.fcm360.com) a leading provider of trading system hosting and connectivity globally), define our Cloud as a collection of different data centers around the world with different types of connectivity and computing options—a defined set of components that you can select to provide a solution.”

Sunshine Through the Cloud Pejman eForex July 2014


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