November 2


Global Cloud for Futures and Equity Traders

FCM360: The supplier of electronic trading technology has launched a low-latency global financial cloud hosting service for futures and equity traders, sell-side software vendors and exchanges connecting the world’s major financial hubs.

“The FCM360 financial cloud is based on having super (points of presence) and hosting facilities in sought-after locations such as NY4 New York, LD4 London, FR2 Frankfurt and hosting facilities in Hong Kong and Tokyo,” says Jubin Pejman, Managing Director of FCM360.

The network provides connections of 32.5 milliseconds between New York and London and 4.29 milliseconds between London and Frankfurt – the fastest speeds, FCM360 says, available between these routes. “With these speeds, trading houses that replace existing and more expensive infrastructure with our financial cloud are assured that the networking and processing latency will meet or exceed their existing deployment,” notes Pejman.

Market makers, hedge funds, low-latency trading platforms, funds with less than $100 million under management, liquidity aggregators and proprietary traders use FCM360 for trading infrastructure. FCM360 also provides connectivity to more than 50 exchanges, Electronic Communications Networks (ECNS) and brokers worldwide. “We deliver a single point of contact to manage every facet of trading infrastructure,” says Pejman.

TMX ATRIUM: The infrastructure solutions provider for the financial community has added the news feed AlphaFlash to its service offering. AlphaFlash is operated by Need to Know News (NTKN), a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group.

Connectivity to AlphaFlash is provided from the TMX Atrium POP (point of presence) at NY4 and delivers machine-readable macroeconomic news across the TMX Atrium platform. TMX Atrium’s decision to add AlphaFlash is part of an on-going growth plan that includes the distribution of macroeconomic data on a wider scale across the TMX Atrium platform.

The news feed AlphaFlash delivers more than 300 machine-readable economic indicators from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia at millisecond speeds. Data content includes central bank interest rate decisions, employment numbers, housing statistics, gross domestic product figures, U.S. and international treasury auction results, German corporate news as well as Fitch sovereign rating announcements. AlphaFlash can be integrated directly into trading algorithms.

ORC: The technology provider and NovaSparks, a ¬market data company, have announced an alliance enabling Orc clients to use high speed data feeds using “deterministic” field-programmable gate array systems from NovaSparks.

Market Makers and Principal Traders can seamlessly switch to the nanosecond-speed FPGA feeds without changing algorithms or screen set ups in the Orc Trading Products.

Customers that take advantage of this alliance will experience more predictable speed for market data and overall improved trading performance, Orc claims “One of the ironies of tight markets and smaller IT budgets is that solutions are actually getting better because providers like Orc and NovaSparks hone in on core competencies and create strong alliances for companion services,” said Adam D. Honore, Research Director at Aite Group.

REDLINE TRADING SOLUTIONS: The automated trading solutions provider, announced a STAC tick-to-trade performance assessment of its InRush 3 Accelerated Ticker Plant and Execution Gateway showing low latency results once believed to be the domain of specialized hardware acceleration.

The tests were based on a futures trading use case that measured latency from arrival of market data to transmission of orders – wire to wire. Results at market rate (1x) were mean latency of 6.1 microseconds, maximum latency of 18.2 microseconds, and standard deviation (jitter) of 1.4 microseconds. Interestingly, results at 8x market data rates showed identical mean and jitter, verifying impressive determinism.

“This is the industry’s first independent and rigorous tick-to-trade benchmark,” said Peter Lankford, Director, Securities Technology Analysis Center


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