January 30


Post Sandy: FCM360 Sidesteps New York City Internet Vulnerabilities To Boost Financial Hosting Reliability

NEW YORK,  Jan. 30, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, FCM360
(http://www.fcm360.com) has launched a new low-latency Internet solution that
will bypass of  New York City  in the event of power and network outages. The
move makes FCM360's Equinix and Savvis-based datacenter solutions even more
resilient in the event of natural disasters, terrorist attacks or internet and
power failures.  

During Hurricane Sandy FCM360's redundant networks provided continuous uptime
for its financial trading customers in  New York. In the wake of the super storm
that flooded Wall Street and devastated parts of  New York  and  New Jersey, the
high-speed, low-latency infrastructure provider has further bolstered client
access to data by bypassing major weaknesses in  New York's Internet and fiber

"While FCM360's  New Jersey  proximity hosting facilities had continuous power
and Internet access during the entire period of Sandy, outages in  Manhattan 
created black holes in major telecom carrier facilities. This prevented some of
our international and domestic clients from connecting to our  New Jersey 
proximity hosting centers. To eliminate any future such occurrences, we have now
built a new Internet ring that bypasses  New York City  during any future
disasters," said  Jubin Pejman, Managing Director of FCM360.  

Explained Pejman, "Our new reliability solution creates a ring that provides IP
transit along the northeast portions of  New Jersey  through to  New York State,
 Long Island  and  Connecticut  where major bank operations are located
completely bypassing  New York City."

Demand for low-latency, proximity hosting in the  New York  area has expanded
markedly over the past five years and commitments have greater significance in
financial markets, making reliability paramount when it comes to daily trading
activity. For details see:  Securities Technology Monitor.

"FCM360's low-latency network and managed proximity hosting services provides
traders with the easiest way to connect to brokers and liquidity using a single
underlying technology provider. Furthermore, the  FCM360 financial cloud 
ensures that the cost and effort to maintain low-latency trading infrastructure
is within budgetary reach of all traders," notes Pejman.


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