Fidelis Capital Markets


In making the decision to partner with FCM360, Rajinder Singh Grewal, Fidelis CM Director, credits FCM360 for eliminating all worries over execution speeds due to latency. “With FCM360 we have servers in NY4 and NY2 with our aggregator and liquidity providers in the same data centers to eliminate any latency concerns. The servers are the lifeline of our business. Knowing that FCM360 is managing them allows us to provide a reliable trading environment to our traders and lets us concentrate on growing our business.”Fidelis CM offers a true institutional environment and is able to provide liquidity to other brokers with –

• a robust aggregation engine that supports any prospective client
• dedicated MT4 broker servers in Equinix NY4 and LD4 locations to meet institutional client demands
• turnkey Forex servers for its MT4 and FIX trading clients
• micro-seconds of the matching engine
• managed dedicated servers and vps hosting solutions
• low-latency high end infrastructure and cross-connects allows for numerous connections for FX matching

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