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FCM360 Cloud Trader Services – Low Latency Virtual Servers

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See how FCM360 Cloud Trader Stacks up against Rackspace and Amazon

The FCM360 Cloud Services product group was designed to give retail and small institutional investors superior access to Foreign Exchange (FOREX) trading formerly available only to big banks and financial institutions at a far greater cost.    The FCM360 Cloud Service products eliminate infrastructure costs and operation for investors such as hedge-funds, asset managers and other mid-tier and retail traders who want exceptionally fast, low-latency trading without making a capital investment in their own hosting and connectivity in the major markets.  Demand for this product line was driven by FX brokerages, liquidity providers, and MT4 bridge providers who want to offer their clients the best performing dedicated virtual servers.


  • Establishes a true institutional environment for the trader to access liquidity providers, aggregation engines, MT4 bridge providers and broker
  • Clients can cross connect to brokers, banks, ECNs, MT4 bridges and other liquidity sources through fiber cross connects located at Equinix NY4, LD4 and TY3 locations along with FCM360’s Tier-1 BGP low latency Internet services.
  • Clients enjoy FCM360 industry-wide reputation for reliability

Technical Superiority

  • Fastest Servers on the Market Today
  • Latest Generation Intel Ivy Bridge V2 Chipsets
  • Features Intel E5-2600 12 Core / 24 Thread processors
  • Sub-Microsecond Switches – 200 Nanosecond Port Latency
  • Pliant Ultra-Low Latency SSD Drives. Considered the best SSD disks on the market today.
  • Choice of Platforms:
    • FCM360 Proprietary KVM-Based Cloud Infrastrucure
    • VMWare ESX
    • Citrix Xen Server
    • Microsoft Hyper-V 2012
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