ICAP EBS Servers

ICAP EBS FX New York and London Servers, Hosting & Market Data Connectivity – The Lowest Latency Solution

  1. FCM360 provides the fastest time to market and lowest latency solution to trade ICAP EBS
  2. Our servers are 100 (30 meters) feet away from ICAP EBS matching engines
  3. FCM360 will host dedicated servers for your trading algo and cross connect directly to ICAP EBS with a dedicated line.


FCM360 provides the lowest latency hosting and connectivity solutions for connecting to ICAP EBS FX with Easy Trader and FCM360 Connect On Campus. Trade from directly within the same building for both ICAP EBS New York and ICAP EBS London. With options available for both U.S. (New York) and Europe (London) traders have a direct fixed line connection to the ICAP EBS FX platform. Whether using the EBS Live, EBS AI, EBS Spot, EBS Global Access or EBS Prime products, FCM360 will have the best solution that also allows access to multiple venues including Reuters Dealing 3000, Hot Spot, Integral, FX All and Currenex from the same servers.

  1. FCM360 Connect – This service allows traders to access nearly 50 exchanges using one connection at our managed hosting facilities located in Savvis, Equinix or Interxion. This connection is substantially less expensive than getting a one-to-one connection with ICAP EBS FX and your servers.
  2. FCM360 Connect On Campus – This adds a direct dedicated fiber connection for on-campus trading to ICAP EBS and is the absolute lowest latency for response time with  ICAP EBS FX and your servers.
  3. Tier 1 IP – Internet-based connectivity for those who want to trade ICAP EBS FX using the fastest Tier-1 IP connections. You have the choice of using the Easy Trader turn-key managed dedicated server solution or using your own servers. This solution provides single digit round trip latency times from our managed cages using the Internet.
  4. Easy Trader – A managed dedicated server solution for those who want to trade ICAP EBS FX and have FCM360 provide servers, firewalls, support and connectivity to the exchange. This is the fastest way to trade EBS FX with dedicated servers and managed hosting.

FCM Connect provides sub-millisecond access to ICAP EBS FX in both London and New York. Ask us about low latency trading and proximity hosting services for ICAP EBS.

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