Low Latency Trading Infrastructure

FCM360 provides low latency trading and connectivity solutions. Our managed dedicated hosting solution allows you to run any black box, algo or exchange approved OMS/ISV software such as Patsystem, Trading Technologies, Tickit System, Orc or Trayport Trading Gateway within low latency proximity to exchanges and liquidity pools in the U.S. and Europe.

Financial Network Diagram - World Latencies
Financial Network Diagram – World Latencies

Low Latency Network Connectivity:

There are several Easy Trader connectivity packages available. All provide low latency proximity hosting solutions to connect with multiple exchanges.

  1. FCM360 Connect – This service low latency trading to access nearly 50 exchanges using one connection at our managed hosting facilities located in Savvis, Equinix or Interxion. This low latency connection is substantially less expensive than getting a one-to-one connection to the exchanges.
  2. FCM360 Connect On Campus – This adds an on-campus low latency direct trading connection to the exchanges and is the absolute lowest latency for response time with the exchange matching engine.
  3. Tier 1 IP – Internet-based connectivity for those who want to trade using the fastest low latency Tier-1 IP connections within the same region as the exchange. You have the choice of using the Easy Trader turn-key low latency trading managed dedicated server solution or using your own servers.

Low Latency Hardware Solutions:

FCM360 provides low latency trading servers and network equipment for your project. Using the leading practices in low latency trading we can reduce propagation delay, processing and serialization delay and queuing delay on the network. Our low latency network infrastructure works hand in hand with low latency servers that are custom-built and fine tuned to take advantage of the world’s fastest network cards, motherboards, memory, hard disks and processors.

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