Ultra Low Latency Trading Server Overview

High Frequency Trading Infrastructure

  • The Lowest Latency / The Fastest Fills
  • Featuring The Latest Trading Server Technology For Trading Applications
  • The Fastest CPUs and Chipsets
  • The Fastest Solid State Disks
Up to Quad Intel 12 Core ProcessorsThe fastest CPUS in the world for your algos and pricing engines
Solid State Disks from 90,000-240,000 IOPSHandles heavy read/writes eliminating typical disk IO problems
Redundant low-latency Internet Achieve the lowest latency between your algo and broker, ECN or liquidity provider without the expense of private lines
EASY Trader:

FCM360 offers the latest in server technology for the most demanding trading applications. This Easy Trader server features the latest Intel Sandy Bridge chip set, 1600MHZ RAM, ultra low latency solid state (SSD) storage, ultra low latency network cards and redundant power supplies.

Processing PowerDual Socket 8 core Intel Xeon Processors – Total of 16 processing cores, 20mb cache (4 sockets available)
Storage and Disk
  • 6Gbps RAID controllers offer RAID 1,1,5 and 10 levels
  • Up to 10 x SAS 2.5″ Hot Swap drives
  • Standard: 2.5″ 6Gbps SSD hard disks
  • Installed in drive bay
  • 128GB size
  • OCZ SSD vortex 4
  • Up to 90,000 IOPS
Available Storage Expansion:
  • PCI-Express On-board Drive
  • Installed in PCI-E expansion slot
  • OCZ Revo Drive
  • 950GB size
  • Max sequential Read 1,600 MBs / Write 1,500 MBs
  • Random Writes up to 240,000 IOPS
Memory Up to 512 GB of 1,600MHZ RAM
Network AdaptersStandard: 2 x 1Gbps NIC cards
Available Network Expansion:10 Gigabit Mellanox Connect X 3 Ultra Low Latency network adapter
  • Designed for ultra low latency and HFT trading applications
  • 2 x 10 Gigabit SFP optical ports directly attached to PCI-Express 3 system bus
  • Stateless offload, RDMA, FCOE offload, SR IOV, DCB and Precision Time Protocol
  • Power Supplies Redundant Power Supplies Expandable2 x PCIe 3.0 and 1 x PCIe 16 expansion slots

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