TY3 Point-of-Presence Services

FCM360 offers Managed Services at TY3 which includes a four phased on-boarding methodology described below in-which FCM360 will manage for each of your clients who wish to access the TY3 marketplace.   Additionally, this service will extend or accept any connection in the region based on a custom project or requirement and will direct your clients clients back to Equinix LD4 and NY4 locations.

FCM360 Managed On-Boarding Methodology –

  • Phase 1 – Project Initiation
      • Counterparty Identification and Connection Type
      • Initiating Party Confirmation and Client Service Order Preparation
      • Creation of Project Assets for Product Identification used for Seamless Issue Resolution
  • Phase 2 – Physical Connectivity (Layer 2)
      • FCM360 and/or Client Information Generation (Business and Technical Project Leadership)
      • Counterparty Information Generation (Business and Technical Project Leadership)
      • Data Center Location Identification / Circuit, Cage, Media Identification and Management
  • Phase 3 – Network Routing (Layer 3)
      • Protocol Routing and IP Identification
    • Phase 4 – Application Information
      • Source IP Routing and Identification
      • Counterparty Natting Identification
      • Inbound / Outbound and Counterparty Liquidity Provider Identification

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