Foreign Exchange (FX) Liquidity Consulting

Through FCM360’s Forex Hosting solutions, we provide Foreign Exchange (FX) liquidity consulting services for Forex traders.

FCM360 can connect you to bank liquidity, FX Prime Broker liquidity, and other liquidity providers and dark pools of FX liquidity in the United States and Europe. We directly cross connect to any liquidity provider in our trading network from within Equinix NY4, Equinix LD4 or Savvis in New York and London.

  • Powerful Forex Hosting solutions to accommodate your specific needs
  • Trade with multiple Tier-1 liquidity providers with low latency pricing and execution
  • Alternate prime brokers and liquidity sources for best fills
  • Industry-leading low latency Forex hosting solutions, connectivity and security. Please contact FCM360 to discuss FX liquidity consulting services.

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