FX Broker Partners – Dedicated Virtual Servers

FCM360 Works With You to Provide Customized Hosting Solutions For Your End Clients


FCM360 will dedicate time and resources to strengthen Your success in electronic trading.
1.  FCM360 is actively speaking to traders in the FX, futures, options and equities sectors on a daily basis as a part of its sales and client management process. There are also European FX traders that contact us to gain local access to US-based FX venues. We are interested in making introductions to your product to meet those market needs.
2.  FCM360 will actively market Your services and add you to pre-sales conversations. We can also distribute marketing literature to interested parties.
3.  FCM360 will make available its public relations (PR) firm and other resources to work with you on joint PR opportunities such as press releases, round table discussion or whitepapers focused on Yours/FCM360 solutions.
4.  FCM360 will work with Your clients that need high-touch on-boarding for electronic trading.
5.  FCM360 can work in tandem with you to arrange e-trading and proximity hosting workshops in Chicago, New York and London.

Proximity Hosting Solutions For Your Clients:

Option 1) Dedicated Virtual Server Options – Better Than VPS

Choose your plan

  • Equinix Datacenter Location
  • Part of Low Latency Financial Cloud
  • Dedicated Resources - Not a VPS
  • VCPU Cores
  • Disk Space
  • RAM
  • Low Latency Internet
  • Linux Server - Centos/Debian/Ubuntu
  • Remote Desktop / SSH Access

BROKER VM 1 Equinix NY4/LD4

$50/ month
$50/ month
  • 1
  • 15GB
  • 768MB
  • 12 MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF 10 = $500 p.a.

BROKER VM 2 Equinix NY4/LD4

$75/ month
$75/ month
  • 2
  • 25GB
  • 1GB
  • 12 MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF 10 = $750 p.a.

BROKER VM 3 Equinix NY4/LD4

$100/ month
$100/ month
  • 4
  • 50GB
  • 1.5GB
  • 12 MONTHS FOR THEPRICE OF 10 = $1000 p.a.

Option 2) Bare-Metal High Performance Servers

FCM360 will provide server hardware, operating system, and any database server along with license for trader to connect with your service
1.  FCM360 will provide a networked and configured server to the trading client and perform any configurations the client requires to start trading with you
2.  Tier-1 Server Package – Dual Socket, 16GB RAM, 10K RPM SAS Disk, Raid 5, Windows OS installed
3.  Tier-2 Server Package – Single Socket, 4GB RAM, 7.2K RPM SATA Disk, RAID Mirror, Windows OS installed

Option 3)  Managed Colocation Solution – Your Client-Owned Server in FCM360 Datacenter

1.  Managed colocation will be provided to trading clients that either managed hosting or rack space, power and network connectivity.
2.  We would like to have an option to directly connect to your network via leased line or cross connect to have a higher valued product for the trader.
3.  FCM360 will provide any additional services that the client needs on a consultancy basis.
4.  The managed colocation solution will reside in the same datacenter or region as your product.
5.  FCM360 will provide any additional services that the client needs on a consultancy basis.
6.  Pricing will depend on specific network connection, IP, power and space required.

We Are Here to Help.