Incident Handling

Incident Handling

FCM360 customer support is provided through a combination of client managers and engineers. FCM360 provides call escalation and ticket generation services available 24×7, 360 days a year through a manned Network Operation Center. Customers can telephone the support line directly for production impacting issues or interact with support using the email ticketing system.

Carrier and Datacenter SLA

Power – 99.999% availability Temperature and Humidity – 99.99% availability IP Connectivity – 99.99% availability Cross Connects – 99.99% availability

Trouble Ticket Severity Levels

There are three 4 levels of priority assigned to all ticket items. A resolution time goal is established for all tickets based on assigned priority. Customer shall provide emergency contacts during the on-boarding process.

FCM360 will provide local ongoing support that will cover the entire core network installation.
1. Respond to any issues with installed hardware or network connectivity
2. Provide support for production issues
3. Provide support for server or network modifications via customer service orders
4. Provide support phone number and other contact details for production-affecting issues

FCM360 has four layers of priority for support tickets:
1. P1 – Entire production system is down / Preventing clients from using system
2. P2 – A portion of the production system is down / Preventing clients from using a portion of the system. If a workaround has been provided, the loss in performance can only be sustained for a few working days.
3. P3 – Visible issue with system but does not affect production environment / Should be scheduled to conduct requested work. A workaround is available and the workaround is acceptable to the customer.
4. P4 – Minor issue with system / Should be scheduled to conduct requested work

P1Business Hours30 MinutesStandard business day response – 24 hours/day until resolution or change in Severity
P2Business Hours2 HoursStandard business day – 16 hours / day until resolution or change in Severity
P38X5Within 48 hoursStandard business day
P48X5Within 72 hoursStandard business day

Incident Handling Procedures

All inbound support requests should be initiated by telephone or email by a client to the following:

1. +1 212 319 1717 – All support calls must come in through this number
2. – All support requests should come into this email

Inbound Calls:
When you escalate to our NOC please provide following information:
1. Name of the company
2. Name of the person calling
3. Best contact number or email address
4. Location of the problem: city, which datacenter location, cage and cabinet if available
5. Type of problem: network or hardware (get login details if possible)
6. Description of problem with enough details to troubleshoot
7. How long the problem has been happening
8. Internet WAN IP address
9. Admin or root userid and password if necessary
10. Severity of the issue: Priority 1-4

Request Sheduling and Holidays

Scheduling Change Requests
All service change request scheduling will take up to 72 hours for coordination.

Blackout and Change Freeze Times
In order to prevent resource shortages and holiday scheduling conflicts, FCM360 will observer change freeze periods during, but not limited to the following times in the United States:
1. New Year’s Day January 1
2. Memorial Day
3. Independence Day
4. Labor Day
5. Thanksgiving Day and evening
6. December 15 through New Year’s Eve
International holidays will be observed throughout Europe and Asia

FCM360 will continue to respond to critical issues during all holidays and our NOC will operate 24 hours a day including all holidays.

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