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Instance Pricing For VMs

Instance TypeFCM360 Instance NamevCPUMemoryDefault OS Disk GBAdd Elastic Disk Drive (EDD)Hrs MonthCost Per HourMonthly
General PurposeC1.M4.HDD201420Scale disk volume with EDD7500.047$35.25
General PurposeC2.M8.HDD202820Scale disk volume with EDD7500.094$70.50
General PurposeC4.M16.HDD2041620Scale disk volume with EDD7500.188$141.00
General PurposeC8.M32.HDD2083220Scale disk volume with EDD7500.376$282.00
General PurposeC16.M64.HDD20166420Scale disk volume with EDD7500.800$600.00
MT4 OptimizedC4.M16.HDD740416C:40 D:200 D:500Scale disk volume with EDD7500.188$141.00
MT4 OptimizedC8.M32.HDD740832C:40 D:200 D:500Scale disk volume with EDD7500.376$282.00
Compute OptimizedC1.M0.5.HDD2010.520Scale disk volume with EDD7500.100$75.00
Compute OptimizedC1.M2.HDD201220Scale disk volume with EDD7500.15$112.50
Compute OptimizedC2.M4.HDD202420Scale disk volume with EDD7500.175$131.25
Compute OptimizedC4.M8.HDD204820Scale disk volume with EDD7500.199$149.25
Compute OptimizedC8.M16.HDD2081620Scale disk volume with EDD7500.398$298.50
Compute OptimizedC12.M24.HDD20122420Scale disk volume with EDD7501.398 $1,048.50
Compute OptimizedC16.M32.HDD20163220Scale disk volume with EDD7500.840$630.00
Memory OptimizedC2.M16.HDD2021620Scale disk volume with EDD7500.166$124.50
Memory OptimizedC4.M32.HDD2043220Scale disk volume with EDD7500.333$249.75
Memory OptimizedC8.M64.HDD2086420Scale disk volume with EDD7500.665$498.75
Memory OptimizedC16.M128.HDD201612820Scale disk volume with EDD7501.330$997.50


Prices above indicate Linux VMs. Standard Windows Server add $.04 per hour


Storage Pricing – Choose Any Storage Configuration You Need

Storage VolumesCost Per GB / Month
Standard HDD$.25
Block & Snapshots$.25

Internet Transfer – In & Out $.05 per GB

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