Shift Forex

ShiftForexShift Forex started with the vision that the time for change in the retail forex industry is now. Regulators are awake to the enormous size of the industry and have clamped down on requirements for participants. Major firms are merging, partnering, buying out, and launching products at the fastest pace ever. New entrants are exploding as technology becomes cheaper, faster to market, and more intuitive.

Banks and broker-dealers continue to eye the market hungrily, seeking new ways to profit from one of the few growth areas remaining after the financial crisis. All the while the market itself continues to grow apace – yet only at most a few million traders worldwide have personal currency trading accounts. This is set to change in the coming decade as forex becomes mainstream and the masses begin to participate. In such an environment growth is key — to ignore new industry-wide opportunities means to fall behind.

This presents multiple opportunities: for existing entrants to streamline operations and prepare for new chances; for new entrants to leverage cheap technology and boldly grab market share, for service providers to become leaders themselves. Shift Forex is already a part of these processes. Shift is a catalyst in the overall maturation and mainstream-ization of forex. We leverage our knowledge of the industry and key contacts within it to drive business to our clients. We are a boutique. Each partner has a unique skillset that targets a specific industry need. We are nimble and give high-touch service to clients of all sizes.

The Shift Forex Advantage –

  • Full Service Brokerage Launch Offering
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Educational Offerings
  • Risk Management
  • Branding and PR
  • Copywriting
  • Market Commentary
  • Digital Marketing
  • Dodd-Frank Compliance
  • IT Infrastructure Improvement
  • Liquidity Management
  • M&A Advisory
  • Sales Process Management
  • Outsourced HR and Payrol
  • Executive Search
  • Event Management
  • Forex CRM Banner Design
  • E-Mail Strategy
  • New Zealand FSP Package


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