SI Futures Ltd.

SI Futures helps companies use the Internet as an effective business tool. They do this by focusing on providing and integrating IT systems that save their clients time and money.

As a Managed Service Provider SI Futures has built on their extensive experience over the past 15 years, enabling them to deliver world-class end-to-end Internet-based solutions to clients across the world.

SI Futures offer hosting and networking solutions combined with expert strategic consulting and 24/7 support to give their clients the tools they need to conduct business over the Internet.

The SI Futures advantage:

Networks – SI Futures creates world-class networks that provide fast, reliable performance for your business-critical applications. Their global network is built on MPLS technology, enabling them to deliver on clients’ demand for better network performance than ever before.

Hosting – SI Futures provides a full hosting and support service, with world class data protection and security, a dedicated 24/7 support contact and website maintenance and email services. Their data centres provide high-speed access between the UK and South Africa, making SI Futures an ideal hosting partner for companies wishing to conduct business in these two countries.

Digital Forms – SI Futures speeds up business processes that require hand written forms, using the digital pen as a secure, fast method of transferring data in real time – anywhere.  Lost forms or delays in data capture are eliminated with minimal changes to existing business processes. SI Futures solutions provide intelligent linguistic resources for recognition of any type of written data, converting handwriting into text for integration with existing applications.

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