Standard Hosting Features

FCM360 Hosting Summary – Standard Hosting Features For Clients

  • FCM360 Datacenter located in Equinix facility
  • Full support for servers and network
  • Low Latency Tier-1 GBP Internet comprising up to 8 IP carriers
  • Managed Cisco hardware firewall with custom rules and IP whitelisting for your office to gain remote desktop access
  • High-speed disks on all Cloud Hosting platforms
  • Ability to cross connect to any ECN/Bank or Data provider in building
  • Optional low latency connections between New York, London and Tokyo from your servers at FCM360
  • Managed fiber cross connects. Includes single mode fiber, optics and layer 3 management to liquidity provider.
    • Improved latency to liquidity providers, pricing and execution
    • Improved execution during news and economic events
  • Cross Connects
    • Sponsored by counterparty – $150 per month port fee
    • Custom cross connects available.

Advanced Security and DDoS Protection Options Available on Request

  • Advanced UTM and DDoS signature protection
  • DDoS country blocking capabilities to prevent specific country attacks
  • 10 Gigabit+ Internet connections for absorbing massive traffic

Offer Your Clients Bare-Metal and VPS Hosting in Your Own Cage with FCM360 as Service Provider

FCM360 can offer customized hosting solutions for your select clients in order to provide a higher level of service and the best latency using either low-latency Internet or cross connect directly to your servers. There is no financial obligation to you and FCM360 handles all of the client onboarding.

Setup Fees – Non Recurring Cost(NRC):

  • Servers and Hardware – Setup fee includes all installation, provisioning and custom configuration of any hardware and operating systems in your customer service order(CSO)
  • Cross Connect – Includes all installation and configuration of your managed cross connect service, layer3 configuration to the counterparty up to the initial telnet test to counterparty applications.

Business Continuity Testing

FCM360 will also work with various connectivity vendors to perform timely failover tests each quarter. These tests will include any protected Internet circuits we have with ISP services we provide to clients and protected circuits provided by carriers like Equinix that have redundant connections between buildings. These tests will occur in January, April, July and October. There will be notifications sent out to all clients and partners publishing the dates of the tests.

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