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tradestation-logo-black.ashxTradeStation is the premier brokerage trading platform for rule-based trading. Whether you trade stocks, options, futures or forex, TradeStation offers uniquely powerful strategy creation and testing tools, customizable analytics and fully automated trading technology in a single trading platform. With TradeStation, you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of custom trading strategies
  • Back-test and optimize your strategies before you trade, using the industry’s largest and most extensive historical market database
  • Monitor multiple markets and automatically execute your trading strategies based on your own custom buy and sell rules.
The TradeStation Advantages:  In today’s volatile markets, having a focused, disciplined trading strategy, a disciplined team of specialists (in our Quantitative Trading Group) — and the tools to execute it — can make all the difference. TradeStation delivers power, speed and discipline—all on one seamlessly integrated trading platform. FCM360 provides dedicated managed servers, hosting and FX collocation solutions to connect to TradeStation with Easy Trader and FCM360 Connect.

  • TradeStation Quantitative Trading Group – QTG is the premier quantitative trading group and specializes in quantitative trading solutions for the FX industry.  For an in-depth look at QTG please click on TradeStation Quantitative Trading Group link above.
  • FCM360 Connect – This service allows traders to access nearly 50 exchanges using one connection at our managed hosting facilities located in Savvis, Equinix or Interxion. This connection is substantially less expensive than getting a one-to-one connection with Tradestation.
  • The TradeStation WebAPI is a RESTful application programming interface that is used to power applications like the TradeStation iOS app, WebTrading, and more. Third-party developers can also build stand-alone applications or integrate key benefits from TradeStation into their existing systems using any programming language that can make HTTP requests and receive HTTP responses.
  • FCM360 Connect On Campus – This adds a direct fiber connection for on-campus trading to TradeStation FX and is the absolute lowest latency for response time to TradeStation. Round trip latency times are in the double digit microsecond range.
  • Tier 1 IP – Internet-based connectivity for those who want to trade TradeStation using the fastest Tier-1 IP connections. You have the choice of using the Easy Trader turn-key managed dedicated server solution or using your own servers. This solution provides sub millisecond round trip latency times from our managed cages using the Internet.
  • Easy Trader – A managed dedicated server solution for those who want to trade TradeStation and have FCM360 provide servers, firewalls, support and connectivity to the exchange.


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