Trading API Development

FCM360 provides API development services for exchanges and ECNs. Focus on your trading strategies and let us develop APIs to:

  • Integral FX
  • Hotspot FX
  • Currenex
  • FX All
  • Thomson Reuters Dealing 3000
  • Any other FX trading venue
  • CME Globex
  • Clearport OTC
  • ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Futures Europe
  • Any derivatives exchange
  • Any Equities exchange
  • Any broker, dark pool or ATS


FCM360 can provide managed hosting and collocation services in Equinix and Savvis for your automated trading system and low latency trading applications connecting them directly to any liquidity source.

FX API Development

In the world of OTC FX trading there are dozens of liquidity sources and their APIs change quite often. FCM360 can integrate your trading system or order management system to any liquidity provider by cross connect and provide microsecond latency access to their matching engines. Please contact us regarding consulting services to integrate and cross connect your platform.

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